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We care about you and we love you . Laughter into the lives of others is so important to us that we are giving away a complete laughter CD for FREEeeeeeeee. Simply click the link below and follow the simple instructions.

Our Present Goals are
1)Give away 31 million free CD’s ,
2) Working with some beautiful People. Ihab and Ora Balha, James Twyman, Chris, Bruce Lipton and Margaret and Barhat to Bring Laughter and Music to Palestine for a day.
3) For Buda to meet with is friend and brother Patch Adams in Russia in November to bring some love and laughter to those who need it on Patch’s annual Clowning Trip.

Love and gratitude,


Click here to download individual tracks or complete CD

These downloads are free a gift for all humanity. If you so desire a donation will be most graciously accepted and used to bring laughter to the people of the world, Laughing Buda has been invited to laugh for a day in Palestine which will change the frequency of the energetic vibration in that part of the world and to attend the Clown trip with his friend Patch Adams in November. At the moment the goal for funds for both these trips is $7500.

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The Mastery of Laughing for No Reason

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End Terrorism with Humour-ism

I am often asked how to turn a negative thought into a positive reaction. Its easy and difficult at the same time depending on your perception and your perspective.

If, in the past you have practiced and have some skills of detachment then things will be a little easier.

Let’s take war for example. How can or why would you laugh at war?

War is, as we all know, a terrible thing; pain and suffering, death and destruction.  To laugh at something like that may seem a little strange but by learning to laugh at something like war you are doing two things.

Firstly, everything in the infinite universe is energy, thoughts, matter, everything.

Laughter has a specific vibration which changes the feelings around it from negative to positive. If you feel bad and listen to laughter you will feel good. Its simple.

So laughter changes on a vibratory and energetic level the negativity of something like war, pain or suffering to an energetically positive vibration.

Now, it may not be possible to laugh at a specific act like someone dying in a war but once you learn to laugh for no reason you can laugh for any reason and laughing at something like that becomes possible. Even though it may make no difference to those left behind by laughing about (not AT) death it will make a change of energy on the planet none the less.

If you have not learned to laugh for no reason yet, at will, whenever you choose, you can still laugh at these so called, or perceived negative events by laughing at the stupidity of the event itself.

To do that all you need to do is imagine reality but not from the perspective of yourself or even your town or city or the like. Imagine yourself from the perspective of the solar system. A huge ball of flaming gas that at some point in the future will explode and disintergrate the planet anyway, and a number of planets spinning on thier respective axes rocketing through space around it and WE LIVE ON ONE OF THEM.

Once taken from that perspective, the stupidity of war becomes relevant and it becomes easy to laugh at. The laughter changes the energy of war and brings some form of balance (energetically) to what is otherwise a ridiculous predicament.

The second and possibly more important thing that laughing at something like that does is it changes the neurons within your brain to create more consciousness. Its like pruning the garden of your mind from a jungle to a manicured garden and that is a beautiful thing.

So go find something negative, hold it in your mind and laugh ABOUT it and change the negative energy to positive. If you can”t do that, find what is stupid about it and laugh at that.



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A Story for Children Under 7

To smile is a wonderful gift for anyone you meet. A laugh with someone changes the vibration of the planet. If you have ever read any part of revelations and you are coherent enough to see that 1+1= 2, then any positive change to the vibration of energy on earth is a good one.

If you are a seeker of the truth, a light worker or just a person with an average level of consciousness, then, in my humble opinion, you are one of those obligated to do all you can to change the energy down here and one great way to do that is to laugh.

Just like lighting a match in a dark room. The light permiates into every corner and is always intimately more powerful than the darkness. Where there is light darkness cannot exist.

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Why Laugh

So why do we laugh? Is there a reason and if so what’s the main reason?

Well download the Buda’s Little Book of Happiness and find out… here is a hint:

Cause it’s fun and, as we move forward as conscious beings on this great journey of life, we are constantly being challenged by the stresses of the modern emerging world. Work, family, even friends can stress us at times. It is at times like these that laughter can become the great balancer.

Part of the make-up of woman & mankind is the ability to see the more humorous aspects of the “human condition”. Fortunately,  we are endowed with the ability to express this humor.

Yes, you’re well ahead of me, “laughing” in fact you will find humor in many unexpected places on earth, more than just humanity.

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Reality Hits You Hard Bro

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How do you judge your level of happiness?

Are you happier than your friends or family? What about your work colleagues? Are you happier than the cranky old man that lives on the corner?

Contemplate the age old question – how long is “a piece of string?” No matter how many other pieces of string you measure you will never know the length of the “a piece of string” – you have to measure “it”.

It’s the same with Happiness. You can never measure someone else’s happiness to know if you are happy. If you attempt that, you will never know!!!

The beauty comes in judging yourself only against yourself!!!!!!

If you are happier than yesterday, then you are progressing on the path of Happiness.

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Barnyard Dad

Barnyard Dad

Guy with a funny laugh soon infects the entire audience and the star of a comedy show.

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Bodhisattva in Metro

Merci! by Christine Rabette

Also known as: “Bodhisattva in Metro”, this is a short film made in Brussels in 2003 that shows just how contagious laughter can be.

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Beachfront workshop 2009Laughing Buda and friends brightened up the beachfront on Saturday with a Laughterthon.   A pleasant change from random outbreaks of violence.

Photo: Jeff ‘The Joker’ Dawson
As published in the Byron Shire Echo January 9, 2006

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